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In the OA increasingly all-pervading today, printer can say to had become a company the good helper with efficient indispensable office, in printer more and more rapid development that were used at while the company works, also be being pulled to use another market, that prints market of bad news lumber namely. Nowadays, material of the bad news that print can say is a huge market, the items of product of material of the bad news that print that is now only is numerous, quality joins Cibuqi, especially the sham product that certain underground small plant produces pretends to be well-known trademark, the user of your choose and buy headaches very.

Although average user is not had,differentiate capability professionally, but increasing well-known trademark begins to enable pack prevent bogus, number to defend the new technology such as bogus, also have more strict government on sale channel, in order to make sure the user can buy goods of quality goods travel. The user should be used only commonly below of the introduction " 3 paces go " the method can buy material of quality goods bad news easily.

The first pace: From bad news of quality goods of normal channel choose and buy material

Want to buy material of high grade brand bad news to be about to be bought through normal channel. Brand shop of the brand in the city cans be found everywhere now, the commodity in brand shop 99 % are quality goods, and at present manufacturer of material of each old brand bad news sets brand shop basically, if Founder is in,countrywide key city all has brand shop, buy so be at ease, very convenience also. But if located the brand shop that area does not have each brand, the market that had better sell bad news material to major so undertakes buying, the product here superintends channel relatively strict, can reduce greatly fake the odds of commodity.

The 2nd pace: Inquire the label that prevent bogus is relaxed differentiate true and false

The label that prevent bogus is the most important step of resolution product true and false. Each brand product set the label that prevent bogus mostly now, give the true and false of the product through preventing bogus to mark to be able to differentiate commonly, but " the road is high one feet, evil spirit is high one a unit of length " , still illegal element breaks through a brand to prevent what bogus marks to defend net, the author ever was enrolled in misfortune, became the victim of fake. Heard Founder science and technology announces to be about to enable recently brand-new double deck prevents bogus label, new label added several kinds of measure that prevent bogus than old label, technical content is very high, involve a lot of element such as chemical, craft, instrument, production equipment, technology is very sophisticated, be modelled on very hard accordingly, the effect that prevent bogus is first-rate, this is a good news undoubtedly to consumer.

As we have learned, material of Founder bad news shares two labels that prevent bogus. Ground floor heal prevents bogus to mark to be in in say sth definitive so as to prevent further discussion of appearance of outer packing box, "Quality of material of Founder bad news assures " with silver-colored bottom black word is shown go up in the label, and tear down this, still can stay " FOUNDERTECH " argent handwriting, double defend, be just as double lock, firmly beefeater is worn the quality of material of Founder bad news. What the 2nd number of plies piles up the label that prevent bogus to be stuck at bad news material to pack box upper part is right next horn, label lower part has coating to prevent pseudo code, blow coating, show 20 digit word is piled up.
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