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Is this year client god or Satan after all?
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Client = is sacred. Pretty good, but either all client is sacred, at least such I thinking.

When I just got online, very lucky, in same day I speak of a client that has intention. The course chats and the couplet 繫 of two phones, the business is being decided the following day came down, the 3rd day of deliver goods. Money amount is not large, but payment for goods two Qing Dynasty. Just went up there is results in A, the true Nai in the heart does not live secretly titter... (although did not make money this, to can be done long-term) .

The bed that deliver goods had at 6 o'clock that day, look for a car to move money busy fast a bell, like myna in that way hum move ditty set out with the driver, because be same a city, before thinking the time that agrees in the client, arrive (agree 9: 00) , when waiting for us to walk along half multichannel Cheng, I receive the client's telephone call:

Liang Sheng: Liu Sheng, in the morning, does goods deliver do not have?

I: In the morning, I still had half bell to arrive probably.

Liang Sheng: Feel embarrassed, our finance affairs went out to take an exam, qian Ke can not give you today.

I: Ah, liang Sheng, not be, we cooperate for the first time!

Liang Sheng: Feel embarrassed, I just also know in the morning. Do then you send don't bother to see me out to come?

I: Ah, when does that payment for goods have?

Liang Sheng: Next week finance affairs it is OK to come back...

I: Good, see a little while! (TMD, send do not take money, fee of oil of don't bother to see me out had a deficit, anyway 559, visit a plant how, dimensions gives him, be no good pull, should be to attend class... I think! )

Liang Sheng, probably the appearance of 1978, look quite abdomen is very gentle, should be middle-level officer. The factory is not very big, basically do kind of parent...

For can long-term cooperation, I or decision give him, a few tons of goods are moved at a draught...

(alternating among them a such things, just others gives them the money that the factory sends off, I see they are taking money on 2 buildings want payment for goods, I also go accordingly subsequently. I say I also obtain payment for goods, finance affairs says to did not receive a telephone call, want me to look for Liang Sheng. I issue a building to did not find a person, hear Liang Sheng went out with the boss... )

I had made money greet with entrance guard a few went...

After 3 days, I call for the first time want payment for goods.

I: Liang Sheng, in the morning, how is goods used?

Liang Sheng: Just use your material in the morning, want to just know afternoon.

I: Oh. Does your finance affairs take an exam came back?

Liang Sheng: Came back, you send signal of your bank card to me, I hit the past to you as soon as possible.

I: Good, be many thanks really.

The following day the bank checks a section, did not arrive
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