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Recieve the note that the foreign trader visits
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1, the foreign trader comes to our region (unit) when looking around, to our region (unit) introduce should crisp, be practical and realistic; Content wants true, material to want rich, form to want lively diversity, both neither is exaggerated achievement, also do not conceal inadequacy.

2, the foreign trader visits factory, school not to answer shutdown, suspend class, the job and study want as usual to undertake. When the guest active with us when personnel handclasp, chitchat, can do enthusiasticly express accordingly.

3, the unit that the foreign trader sees do not answer catchphrase of proper motion suspension, ensign and foreign cacique resemble waiting, should comply with the unified arrangement that recieves an unit.

4, accompany visiting personnel to should not be overmuch, should have done at the same time defend the work. Appoint the member that accompany a person not to answer halfway leaves or leave without say goodbye.

5, introductory circumstance should face collectivity, the attention avoids another some more desolate guest. The question that the other side raises, should distinguish a case careful make compendious reply, do not understand outfit understand, do not make known his position easily, should not promise at will more give a guest gift, product, the data, notice inside and outside has not, abide by confidential regulation.

6, when looking around, should have taken care of not only advocate guest, still should have taken care of other visitor, prevent team from beginning to end to be not received.

7, the member that we accompany a person should be used be beneficial to the thing that publicizes external, introduce in time to the guest.