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The 5 big characteristics of American market
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The United States is one of most open markets on the world, annual merchandise trade imports amount to exceed 1.1 trillion dollar. The United States is main commerce associate of China, make the product that enters the United States every year now by China oneself more than 100 billion dollar, these products are consumable mostly, but it is to pass a lot of intermediate link to enter the United States mostly, the production of a lot of factories of Chinese and market are out of line, lacked take to heart very much to the international market. China already entered a few production companies of WTO and China to acquire right of imports and exports, this will realize a product to be sold continuously to the international market henceforth with respect to course of study of the state-owend enterprise in making had a possibility. The factory is sold continuously, reduce intermediate segment, can make the enterprise gets more profit, but also ask enterprise more interpose international market, the grim challenge that straight face market competes.

Course of study of the state-owend enterprise in facing below introduces the 5 big characteristics of American consumable market:

(1) American market size is large.

World of American market size is the greatest, the United States also is the biggest consumable market on the world. Because American consumption capability is strong,be above all, american average per capita year income exceeds 30 thousand dollar. It is American next consumptive consciousness is strong, american not only less deposit, and lead consumption, a lot of people have credit card, have several pieces even. The 3rd it is American offset what cost tastes is newer fast, a lot of commodity are used do not exceed a year, because,they often are not old bad and buy new, however because " love the new and loathe the old " , encounter fresh and modern, or holiday merchandise is hit fold what can cause them to buy intention. Because American labor cost is high,finally is, the government sets hourly wage prep above 5 dollars, some areas and industry are horary salary prep above 10 dollars, accordingly, american labor is concentrated model consumable production already transferred other country and area more. The daily expense consumable that needs on American home market so basically relies on an entrance, and import demand is quite big. The dress that goes up like the market, shoe kind, box bag, gift, small home appliance, and furniture, bedding, lamps and lanterns, stationery, tool, toy, kitchen utensils and appliances, tableware is waited a moment, be an entrance more very. And this one trend still is rising, transform unlikelily. The boom index of American economy may affect the sale of high-grade goods, but won't reduce people common people to be made to China, of the daily expense consumable with valence practical cheap buy.

(2) American market admits a gender strong

The United States is an emigrant country, american society is big forge of a nation. In 280 million population of American, it is to come from different country and area mostly, the immigrant of different people, or the descendant that is them. They are having different culture tradition and custom habit, the diversity of American mouth structure decided the diversification of American consumable market. In American immigrant, be used to using this nation and traditional commodity already, also have curious sex and strange feeling very much to the commodity of nation of the other on the world, because consumer of masses of this United States is right of all sorts of commodity on the market admit a gender very strong, few repulsion.
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