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The client was touched to my cold
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Chen Xuwen shares:

September 15, be over too mid-autumn the following day. Client of island of emperor of the Qin Dynasty begins to rush money, call factory handlebar goods to send beautiful auspicious rapid movement to receive goods part hastily.

This goods should stay receive payment for goods, the payment for goods that beautiful auspicious generation receives is dozen of this locality that offers to the company in industrial and commercial account, we do not have the industrial and commercial account of this locality at that time, I lent one an anticipatory actin the ground with the friend of understanding fill go up in beautiful auspicious booking note. Asked when to can arrive probably in client hand incidentally, the staff member says beautiful auspicious left and right sides of a chapel.

My hair is over to communicate with the client, tell him odd numbers, arrive probably time. The client listened to acknowledgment.

A chapel went, was September 21. The client hits a phone to ask: "How had not arrived, beautiful auspicious website also cannot be opened, are you to tell me a chapel is controlled, now a chapel, my guest still is waiting to deliver goods before National Day, you nod welder where to also to know now. " my quiet respecting: "Gu Sheng, ask you to wait a bit, I call now go beautiful auspicious asks, it is how to return a responsibility after all, give you the result immediately. Give you the result immediately..

I call go beautiful auspicious asks, I tell to say there, their website is rebuilding, goods had gone to Tianjin now. I hanged a phone with respect to what believe, tell a client to say, goods already went to Tianjin now, their website is rebuilding, arrive with respect to these two days etc please. The client also believed me, hanged a phone to wait only.

23, client incoming telegram, ask: "I hit a phone to ask us here beautiful auspicious, they say to do not have this goods, if do not close today, came I also did not want " . I say: "Gu Sheng, I also need not seek what ground, I go now here beautiful auspicious looks, it is how to return a responsibility after all. Will tell you immediately. To you production is brought inconvenience bears with please

! " it is COD after all, now family client there say not to want us how to can do, it is beautiful auspicious is offended get disaster.

I am riding electric car to be driven toward beautiful auspicious, go up on the way typhoon of as it happens " parrot " inbreak, sweep fierce wind, heavy rain had below. My the top of head is worn " parrot " continue to be driven toward beautiful auspicious. Arrived beautiful auspicious already the whole body is drenched.

Find chief, tell them odd numbers, let them leave check. Checking a result is " goods does not know where " . I hear this result dizzy, day, tell me respecting Tianjin the day before yesterday, tell me to say to be not checked now. How is beautiful auspicious met such, am I his client? So disingenuous to the client, dare I still continue to cooperate with beautiful auspicious how? I believe the to beautiful auspicious comment on the net eventually now. I still do not believe to be able to happen on my body.
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