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Pinkeye true eyeball, see your client kind clear
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With client contact with, it is our sale personnel wants reduplicative job almost everyday, also be new the drills surely class that enters sale personnel. Actually, in light of the mixed client that place of our sale personnel experiences the make a comprehensive view, face another, individual character is endless also similar.

The market is extended in, a few experienced sale personnel can facilitate very quickly collaboration, depended on mastering the psychology of this client, characteristic and increase demand actually, as doctor diagnose a disease same, pass simple communication or greet, hope to hear from when behave to square the way one speaks or what he says ask after cutting, understand the client's character basically, next suit the remedy to the case, it is good to cast its place, hit out quickly. So, a few business personnel that enter sale industry newly, the much more advertent, many discovery in should be visited in the client and be being communicated and much analysis, fathom the client's psychology, carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, rapid judgement gives the client's kind, what with shortening business clinchs a deal is periodic.

Anatomize discovers not hard, the client type that place of our sale personnel contacts (the terminal that does not include direct carry to make terminal client, basically be with client of representative, distribute exemple undertake an analysis) nothing more than as follows a few kinds, one by one lists shallow analyse to be as follows below:

One, divide from client oneself comprehensive strength, have a few kinds as follows:

Industry celebrity bibcock: This kind of client has advantage of extremely strong channel, terminal and group advantage, what act as agent below its banner of course or the product that the product of distribute all also is class of industry big wrist, and phyletic and various, often sortie acts as agent at the exclusive product of different domain. Common saying says: Person with kind get together, content with group cent, these client nature also are the natural resources of client of first focal point that each industry tycoon enterprises argue photograph race to control. But the company manufacturer that this does not eliminate this part client to match completely to it together cooperates, those develop the fast, company that has development latent capacity or the brand of second line company that are full of competition ability, vigor also is the potential target that this kinds of client cooperates. the product of relatively famous after all manufacturer, the value policy of second line brand is opposite not quite vitrification, and price gain space is very large, the policy that the market supports also is opposite this kinds to heavy diopter of the client is increased and raise the chip that cooperative policy supports because of the enterprise. Outside dividing above of second line manufacturer, the manufacturer under 3 lines is very difficult climb attach of this high threshold.
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