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Confederative express: Our client does not need " surprise "
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“ our client hopes stable, safe, reliable. They do not hope ‘ is surprizing ’ , we also do not hope the client calls one day say: Your express I had been not received. This is the most important information that confederative express should pass. ”

Our client does not need Zhong Guoyi of vice president of division of China of express of federal of special interview of “ surprise ”——

“(date: On December 12, 2002, addressee: Santa Claus, address: Arctic)

Dear santa Claus:

Regard the Christmas as the gift to camera of number of my Ni Kang please. I am a good child all the time. You (when giving me the gift) a few milk and biscuit can be found below christmas tree.

Your pen pal: David”

David got a letter in reply on December 23, 2002 later. “ (sender: Santa Claus, address: Arctic stands 2 numbers)

Dear defends greatly:

I received you at this month some earlier the letter that moment hair comes to. You can guess no less than, me for preparation on December 24 (restful night) the whole world flies and so busy that cannot leave hand in. Be very sorry delayed the time that writes back to you.

I hope you are behaved one this year very well really. The detailed list …… that my general checks me again perhaps, it is merely perhaps, you can discover the digital camera below christmas tree in the morning of the Christmas.

Merry christmas!


Santa Claus”

This is to happen in confederative express (FEDEX) in a real story. We can unscramble this thing from many different point of view. For instance, people perhaps is in the belief that the business of confederative express, can help them transmissive any and choose it and santa Claus to communicate. From the earliest when just deliver wrap up and correspondence to begin, development arrives today, the transmissive sort of confederative express already all-embracing: The langouste of Maine, japanese cherry, hawaiian flower, all sorts of medicines and chemical reagents, pacemaker, invisible glasses, fresh and serous, engine, shock absorber, still have European perfume and Switzerland horological, always you can think of, can deliver. Go up in a TV ad of confederative express even, to make fire engine drive for a short while go to spot fire fighting, people called up confederative express to send the spot fire engine.

And this thing is worth to think more is, perhaps be in any other mail, in express company, the letter that the boy issues perhaps can be become to do cannot the ” of “ dead letter of deliver and disappear forever. And no matter the —— of letter in reply that David received santa Claus is the gift that which employee sends to him, important is David remembered confederative express from now on.

Be in early actually when company of ” of “ confederative express held water on June 28, 1971, smith once had said · of its author fred haughtily: “ the Heermosi that we are computer ages (the thearchy messenger in Greek mythology) . The itself of express company phylogeny that ” offerred service of of the previous night the first times this in the United States is a myth it seems that. Vice-president of confederative express China Mr Zhong Guoyi that serves as one of mythological peddler unscrambled among them trifling mystery to us.
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