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"The sword is not had in the heart " sale state
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If according to the standard of outstanding salesperson evaluates Xiaogan, he does not have the place with special what really, tacit, eloquence flatly, the product also does not have absolutely price advantage, can show an issue exclusively, it is the sense of responsibility that he takes pair of clients seriously more than other salesperson, can say, xiaogan is not to win in the product, win in oneself character however. Arrive from the salesperson boss, xiaogan uses his character charm, promoting a sale while fostered a flock of dutiful clients again. Be these client natural resources, establish oneself company for him, laid solid foundation.

A lot of salespersons think, they did not reach trading reason to depend on the price. But actually, majority deals unsuccessful reason is not such, and the character charm that depends on the salesperson is not had or revealing oneself adequately.

The should win a client namely credit with the mainest sale and love, the most effective method nothing is more... than affects a client with his character charm. As a salesperson, we should have a mature moral quality, for example: Just, honest, be as good as one's word, the face sees there is not the client's pocket only when the client, to make money make irresponsible remarks; Also do not make fun of petty trick before the client, think him whats understand, with fair-spoken deceit client, just set foot on the people of a new type that sells this group often skill is insufficient, be immersed in this kind of error very easily.

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