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"The sword is not had in the heart " sale state
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The process that sells a product also is the process that reveals character charm to the client.

The film " hero " in, qin Wang comprehended 3 kinds of states of sword law: The first, the sword is not had however in there is sword, heart in the hand; Main practice is to provoke one type; The 2nd, there is a sword in there is sword, heart in the hand, syncretic of alleged person sword, experienced is sword gas; The 3rd, the sword also is not had in sword, heart is not being had in the hand, it is one kind comes of big sky gentle. And the highest state of law of the 3rd kind of sword that be called.

The sale also is such. Alleged 3 shed a sale to rely on a product; Second-class the sale relies on a concept; Top-ranking sale relies on character charm, it is this truth.

Someone looks be like behead of easily pass a barrier will, can create admirable outstanding achievement; Somebody however the rack one's brains in scheming, results that do not have place, and bearing the pressure in tremendous heart, investigate the difference that its reason sells him state just about. Former those who achieve is taller state apparently, they are not the products in him sale, reveal oneself character charm adequately to the client however. Below the influence of charm of this kind of character, take order of course of the client smoothly.

Xiaogan is the salesperson of firm of head of one home appliance, he tacit, there still is bashful smile constantly on the face. According to average level, he is not it seems that appropriate the boy that makes a sale. But, when our company purchases computer, xiaogan's expression left deep impression to me. The midsummer of burning sun high above in the sky, xiaogan and colleague are sweating, carrying cent installs the computer in big paper box, be full of the company that comes with a smile to me. Outfit engine work spent him full a long time time, but the boy is busy after be over, a water also was not drunk went, a piece of calling card still kept when be being faced, express to the problem can look for him at any time. My intuition at that time is: This boy is reliable, although he is mixed it seems that the salesperson of those eloquent is very different, have tongue of bit of stupid clumsy of speech even.

Because just used new computer, I call to Xiaogan almost everyday. Every other a few days he is about my company time. But never had listened to him any complaining, it is a brief every time: “ is good, I arrive after ten minutes. ” Xiaogan's good after service, letting me is appreciation very, more and more trustful also to him himself.

Although tacit, xiaogan also knows the way of the sale very much however, just can extend business to opportunity ground. Be in next in the day, the computer software that company place needs, online card, printer waits necessary office things a moment, purchase in Gan Na as a child, although price not likely is cheaper than other firm, what good after service builds is trustful, make he becomes the inevitable option that for us the company purchases computer product. Up-to-date, my company concerns computer purchase first still choice to consider Xiaogan, nevertheless, he present has been the boss of company of sale of head of one home appliance.
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