3G stimulates telecommunication of broadband data business to recombine manufact
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] editor's note: 3G is the biggest selling a site is broadband data business, the business that the confluence of IP and communication network, wireless net brings will show tremendous business chance. The whole world that the China after face counterpoise group is about to form is the greatest 3G market, NMS will undertake cooperative with more open manner.

Recombine dispel the clouds and see the sun-restore justice letting IP

The chief inspector of market of region of Asia-Pacific of American GIPS(GlobalIPSolutions) company of the speech that do IP and video software Ceng Zhijia a month is abrupt recently busy rise, last week 4 just fly to Beijing to attend the meeting, zhou Wu must fly back to Hong Kong again afternoon, it is ground of without a stop and operation business, equipment business and even website SP meet almost. "We basically are the technology is safeguarded previously, sudden incident is not much, so whole Asia-Pacific area has 56 people only, the thing that should do now is much however rise. " Ceng Zhijia says. But although busy, he is very excited however: "Because telecommunication recombined, after direction comes down surely, everything can go ahead. "

The bewilderment before recombining

GlobalIPSolutions founds 1999, the development of real time news that goes up for data packet network only is embedded speech handles a technology. Its product can be end to offer more much better than PSTN quality speech and video fidelity to carrying IP to correspond, avoid the effect that suffers data bag to lose. Bound GIPS corresponds to fail to open a phase all the time in China before this, only Netease, Tecent, royal wait to correspond immediately in its the technology that they used in the tool.

Ceng Zhijia tells a reporter: "Actually technical respect is not a problem all the time, the main obstacle previously is commercial pattern. " previously, mobile operation business has mobile network only, business of firm network operation be busy enough with one's own affairs, who also cannot or in wishing to assemble IP product into the gain system with operation inherent business, go, do not wish the income that as a result of large-scale in average client promotion affects traditional speech business, did not give GIPS company such manufacturer chance from beginning to end consequently.

Dispel the clouds and see the sun-restore justice

But after recombining, the problem that new telecommunication and new UniCom face above all is mobile user dimensions expands on already mature market, the IP communication with cheap and diversiform application will make cost the most charming tool, "Want to be able to ensure only quality, the user is willing to turn for certain net, business of operation of former firm network saw the value that cooperates with us accordingly. " Ceng Zhijia says.
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