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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on May 30, the section of company solution business below division of American health general regards platinic Jin Ding as the plenary meeting of the 2nd Datacenter Dynamics 2008 that class sponsor attended to be held in Shanghai, intel 10GbE server the net gets stuck and switching equipment of Cisco 10GbE Catalyst moves at American Kang Pu SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D jointly®Over system of double skeining thread of Cat6A blame screen, the stability that realizes 9.26Gbps transmits rate. This is Kang Pu first time of ten thousand technology undertakes demonstrating in home.

10Gbps aether net had taken inchoate use stage, the level of couplet net speed of the mainstream in making center of campus net, data and operation dealer network quickly. And Quan Mozhao carries buccal switching equipment already increasing, be based on the 10Gbps of cupreous cable to transmit is to be on cost no matter, the metropolis on the advantage that still using is compared fiber-optic have an advantage more, produce main effect to desktop general to drive 10Gbps especially. Current, product of cable of ten thousand copper is already mature, by Mo Zhaotong of SYSTIMAX GigaSPEED X10D of research and development of laboratory of American health general cable the solution is firstly, occupation standard of its solution excel 3 years, the 6A that and achieve promulgated 2008 kind new standard, surmounted 6A kind the requirement of wiring standard. Roll out formally from 2004, the solution already helped GigaSPEED X10D Mo Zhaotong cable the opportunity of tall bandwidth business that company of global much home seizes infrastructure domain successfully to exist.

The solution used cable of this ten thousand copper to run systematic software newly -- SYSTIMAX IPatch System Manager 6.0. This software can add pair of network physics layers " insight " counterpoise with control, provide more information and can promote can manage a gender. The IPatch 6.0 that just releases is the company design that concerns demand of key task network to provide only, solution of SYSTIMAX intelligence infrastructure uses technology of IPatch intelligence layout and software of this infrastructure operation, reduce network management cost in order to help, layer of physics of the observation that monitor provides real time result, implementation changes automatic management and can help precautionary network stop thereby machine.

As the issuance of IPatch 6.0 version, american health general expanded further IPatch hardware " have an insight into " the ability of physical layer, monitor join change in real time thereby. Software of this infrastructure operation can mix the insight that gains from physical layer wait for the information photograph union that collects from switching equipment of local area network, SAN switching equipment and IP terminal, make the user controls its network environment better. It has the capacity that increases an user to manage a network accurately to change; Self-recording update and electronic work is only, guide technical personnel to finish shift, add and change an operation; Record information of network resource position in detail, go to the lavatory to allow volume program to offer; Enhance security, blame plan can produce in crucial circuitry caution is given out to the administrator when change; Modificatory government technological process is complete automation, be helpful for rising add up to compasses sex, reduce machine down time, promotion to produce a series of advantages such as efficiency.
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