The network stores world plenary session holds H3C to carry ten thousand product
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[dispatch of industry of communication of Sai Di net] came on October 15 on October 18, hangzhou China limited company of 3 communication technology (H3C of the following abbreviation, exhibit a date G24) appear on plenary session of network memory world (Storage Networking World, abbreviation SNW) . H3C regards congress gold as one of sponsors, its were revealed on congress of this second SNW fall whole set product of ten thousand memory. Among them Neocean IX3620, it is the high end that the world uses 12Gb SAS the first times to exchange technology of ISCSI of net of aether of framework confluence 10Gb product of ten thousand memory. This is to be inside global limits, first time of IP memory manufacturer carried product of high-end whole set to realize Mo Zhaoduan to arrive from which the integral framework of end. H3C also makes the focus that everybody of current SNW congress fixes eyes upon and window accordingly.

As the global network that is famous in memory industry memory exhibits can well-known trademark, network memory world (Storage Networking World, abbreviation SNW) congress was stored by global network December 1999 industrial association (Storage Network Industry Association, abbreviation SNIA) with American computer world (Computerworld) initiate jointly, had had history of 8 years up to now. SNW already made the scale in industry of the memory inside global limits now the biggest, trade grand meeting that has force most. Annual two season run year, already got the wide attention of numerous and professional personage. Second congress is here medium, the manufacturer with a lot of famous industry, wait to have like Microsoft, EMC, Intel participate in.

And regard IP as memory domain banner manufacturer, h3C devotes oneself to the innovation of storage technology and development all the time. In the past a few years short in, the profundity that is based on pair of IP technologies and user application development understands, and devoted to a large number of research and development of IP storage technology, h3C rises abruptly quickly in IP memory market and succeed. 2006, h3C has become the chief of market of Asia-Pacific IP memory very quickly. Be in 7 years, the memory market of H3C continues to grow, apply electric power of ministry of science and technology of Sohu rich guest, country, Heilongjiang already successfully to wait for each industry user.

While business domain gains huge success, the own research and development that H3C values a company very much and innovate continuously. At present the Banjialuoer of the Hangzhou in home, Beijing, Shenzhen and India sets orgnaization of 4 research and development, use the 15 % above of sale every year at investment of research and development, 51% what group of research and development holds company total number. The backside body of serial number reveals the investment with persistent to research and development H3C. Exhibit this in SNW in the newest whole set that roll out ten thousand product, most revealed H3C to store in IP to the world forthrightly the powerful actual strength of the domain and innovation spirit.
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