Product of balefire aether network obtains large award to establish position of
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] the near future, annual meeting of Chinese communication market was held in restaurant of lira of Beijing sweet case 2008, on the conference balefire network has the honor to win two large award, it is switching equipment product is had the honor to win respectively " brand of success of year of market of switching equipment of equipment of 2007 China network " , the solution catchs net of telegraphic class aether " year of network of aether of heart of class of telecommunication of market of 2007 China communication is excellent solution " .

F of this balefire network - Engine series switching equipment obtains this special honour, it is this product carries off " famous brand of 2007 year China " the gets industry again affirmation after. Balefire network is since 2004 inside course of study head turn switching equipment of network of the 2nd acting aether, take the lead in will safe notion is embedded in low end inside switching equipment, the course dogs for years client, reform ceaselessly upgrade, get applied extensively in the product, be in of operation business in choosing, obtain repeatedly reputably. Be seleted net of Chinese telecommunication, China smoothly 2007 to connect, what China moves is medium low end aether switching equipment purchases type selecting centrally, rank a list in test of its type selecting. Company of of the same age with in low end the growth that switching equipment is aether net factory of the representing to taste a line also exceeded anticipate, contribute in what company product sells significant position is held in spending.

The technology of net of telegraphic class aether that grow in intensity is in 2007 times suffer fix eyes upon, the balefire network that regards net of telegraphic class aether as forerunner, the numerous prize that takes next this fields, leave one town this again, seize Saidinian to be able to choose outstanding solution in this domain again, the sole award that is domain of net of aether of this telegraphic class. Balefire network is in international all the time on this technology lead position, be in especially home, balefire network is a home roll out net of telegraphic class aether first product, telegraphic level that tests through joining a network aether network product, first open project of net of telegraphic class aether, pass an imperial examination opens business of ring of ten thousand aether to use the firm of the project. Balefire network has formed telecommunication of F-engine M series nowadays switching equipment of network of aether of platform of much professional work of class aether net and class of S series telecommunication product of two old series many 20 model, the difference that contented client manages to network business and uses changes requirement. At present these products had won wider application on home market, involves trade includes telecommunication, electric power, oil, the many industries such as education.
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