The new-style IPTV that is based on CESP bears the weight of net solution brief
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] the rapid development as IPTV business, IPTV bears the weight of net construction shows especially important. Can say, bear the weight of the net is done not have with when the adjustment that all enters, again good IPTV system also can be a castle in the air only.

The mainest content that IPTV bears the weight of includes video order programme (VOD) and channel of direct seeding TV (TV) program. To assure IPTV watch quality and current cable television network to watch quality to comparative, IPTV bears the weight of net requirement can be delayed when switch of dependability of network bandwidth, network, channel, the respect such as network QoS is offerred assure.

The IPTV that balefire network is based on CESP bears the weight of network plan, the annulus network that can form all sorts of types (only link, tangent annulus) or star structure undertakes IPTV bear the weight of, the network has 50ms to protect rearrange and the network class QoS to different business automatically to assure ability. In the meantime, CESP has group of efficient hardware trends to sow a function, can support at the same time 512 - 2000 groups sow channel. The group net of aether net annulus is on the duplicate efficiency of IPTV, more multiple than tower above of traditional multistage star structure, huge was saved gather together the bandwidth of the network.

Plan introduction:

It is city of ground of net Tong Mou is based on the IPTV of CESP to bear the weight of below network plan. Traditional IPTV bears the weight of is to pass thousand annulus of 2.5G MSTP or RPR to transmit those who shed media data, its problem depends on: Be counted according to existing IPTV user and plan to develop an user to count next year, average every village has user of nearly 50 IPTV, general a countryside wants administer 30 villages, allocate according to the bandwidth of every IPTV 2M, a countryside accepts the demand that satisfies business development into bandwidth ability with respect to what need 3G, and existing thousand annulus and the data demand for service that 2.5G MSTP expands increasingly according to cannot be being satisfied, be badly in need of using a kind of brand-new data to bear the weight of the data that platform will come to transform existing county, countryside, village receives a network.

The new-style IPTV that is based on CESP bears the weight of network plan explains

Periphery of this urban district chooses 6 node to make net of annulus of a 10G, these 6 node are iron respectively on the west the countryside of bureau, chunk, countryside closing a river, countryside that take looking glass, obtain fine county, on the west palace area, these 6 node covered what city, countryside, area differs 3 kinds to receive a site, 8 1000M smooth port is offerred on every M8416 in the network, with the thousand the first line of a couplet on a scroll of the DSLAM equipment within each precinct.
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