Nuo closes with Airvana on the west push Femto residence to receive a solution
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[dispatch of industry of communication of Sai Di net] Nuojiyaximen child the Femto village solution that communication company and Airvana company announced to will combine development to carry end a few days ago. This solution basically enlarges a network to cover limits and the 3G operation that provide new-style speech and service of mobile broadband data in the light of the hope business.

Femto village is small-sized peak nest receives a point, it passes broadband Internet join, the user in letting the residence obtains buildup mobile speech, video and data service. Let operation business can use existing broadband join to offer mobile broadband to serve inside Lou Yu at the same time. Report recently according to ABI Research forecast mediumly, market of Femto village equipment will with annual the rate of 95% rises, arrive to will exceed 4 billion dollar 2012.

Nuojiyaximen child is communication company indoor and wireless Timo Hypp of controller of solution product line? L? Point out: "We offerred a complete Femto village solution that is based on a standard for operation business, use this solution, operation business can provide brand-new service not only, and can expand with the relation between the client. Nuojiyaximen child communication company firm support uses open interface, airvana company also recognizes this one concept. Because Femto client carries equipment and our open mode framework to have good compatibility, because this operation business can acquire bigger flexibility and more extensive option at present. This kind of method also brought remarkable flexibility for us, let us can utmost ground satisfies market demand. "

Village of Femto of domestic radical station uses the UMTS of Airvana company the function that is based on software and off-the-peg silicon are developed with accelerating a function, reduce product cost. This product is undertaking at present with Nuojiyaximen child the attestation of sex of each other operation of the Femto gateway of communication company. Incident of its the first milepost is, the Femto village that two companies already used Airvana and Nuojiyaximen child the Femto gateway of communication company and 3GPP core network are linked together, came true successfully to carry the synchronous call of end. Two company general are popularized to the mobile operation business of global limits hand in hand and sell this to combine a solution. Every company will offer respective product to operation business. This combination solution predicts 2007 the bottom undertakes the first time experiment, will begin deploy 2008.

Airvana company president holds presiding apparitor Randy Battat concurrently to express: "We believe Femto village uses the change the experience of mobile terminal indoors. Nuojiyaximen child communication company has a grand strategy, the hope opens type through promotion ecosystem joins Femto village core network, our product as it happens satisfies their requirement. "
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