Balefire network pushs the net of city land with certain boundaries that is base
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] the flying development as amount of Chinese broadband user and bandwidth demand, network of network of original city land with certain boundaries already cannot satisfy the development of the business such as phone of monitoring of game of the IPTV that grow in intensity, video, video, network, operation business is transformed to net of city land with certain boundaries also carry program, executive extremely urgent. Balefire network is in all-around be opposite considering operation business investment return rate, reduce the construction cost, demand case that defends cost to fall, the 5 big features that link network of telegraphic class aether -- support of safeguard of expansibility, dependability, QoS, TDM and business government, roll out be based on CESP (platform of much professional work of net of telegraphic class aether) solution, ensure ability in order to have ability of canal of net of class of the tall expansibility of network and business, operation and QoS, the characteristic such as support of much professional work, can drive business of traditional and telegraphic operation effectively to the evolution that influences a network in group.

Plan introduction:

Net of region of some operation store transforms program

Below the case that has a pair of usable and fiber-optic resource at least in each node, configure product of series of a F-engine M8000 respectively, the double minute that institute of plan of compositive as above shows two-way annulus net, the 822 bureaus of the city zone, 832 bureaus configure equipment of a M8416 each with 842 bureaus, build 10G annulus network. Additional, it is point of tangency with 842 bureaus with 822 bureaus, each prefectural area node configure equipment of a M8012 each, form tangent annulus network. The thousand port that offers on all M8012 equipment and M8416 forms two CESP link of thousand. The 3 M8416 equipment of the city zone forms the CESP link of a 10G, go up the annulus of CESP of broadband discharge classics of each prefectural areas ground downtown computer room, with join of equipment of core of net of city land with certain boundaries.

CESP node equipment configures Master node and Slave node in annulus. In this project, but the basis is factual circumstance general 822, 832 or the M8416 of the any node in 842 bureaus configures Master node, the 10GE that passes M8416 links IP backbone network on the mouth. Each area / data business of the county gathers together to go up to the M8012 equipment of each node through FE mouth.

Plan characteristic:

Many business is changed in group bear the weight of integratedly

Gather together the broadband such as DSLAM, FTTH and LAN receives flow, and the AG in soft exchange and 3G receive a flow; Unified aether gathers together network, reduce operation business to invest cost, can comprise at the same time thousand / the annulus net of 10G, can offer a variety of business port such as aether net interface and E1 TDM interface. It is OK still to be based on annulus net framework better support group sows business, need not duplicate in annulus road much portion content, save bandwidth. Operation business is OK in net of telegraphic class aether much professional work bears the weight of business of special railway line of the one's voice in speech that big client offers at the same time on platform, broadband, VoIP, VPN, contented operation business is of all kinds of big client accept demand.
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