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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on July 13 message, juniper network company announces product of its E series increased new member again yesterday---E120 broadband serves a region by implement (BSR) . E120 compares E320 BSR enclose a form smaller and efficient, but have advanced diagnostic index likewise, higher performance and dependability. Can make a supplier fast and economic ground will broadcast a service to expand the more small-sized telephone that has not develop accepts a web again more [station] dot (PoPs) market. The broadband serves a region by implement E series product, include E120, provided unapproachable service, make the supplier can be obtained more put what what the service brings to win by IP TV and much rebroadcast receive an opportunity, in the meantime, can look the advertisement of mark fixed position and measurable effect also can bring extra income.

The batholith with close together E120 is designed, provide the capacity of 120 Gbps---The capacity of platform of more congener than now competition wants tower above 50%---Its support is amounted to 64, 000 individual users, make serve a supplier to be able to generate new income source effectively. E120 was installed with the JUNOSe operating system with similar E320, line card and interfacial module, the continuity that assured a service thereby can reduce the complexity of the operation and cost.

Product of series of E- of Juniper network company, include new E120 and E320 of product of bear the palm, represented next generation broadbands with the wholest industry to serve a region by implement range of products. For thorough policy management and control, e series product is completely integrated communication link and resource are held accuse (Session And Resource Control) plan, offerred optimal scope, dependability and function, put a service in order to support advanced much rebroadcast, be like video order programme and IP TV. According to Synergy Research 2007 year the findings report of the first season shows, e series product is industry the banner broadband that is used at IP TV service serves a region by implement. E120 enters the time that the market does not go to two years to be approbated extensively with respect to what got the market, had been in the whole world installed nearly 800 platform in network of supplier of 70 many services.

Can look the advertisement of mark fixed position and measurable effect is much rebroadcast to put a service to bring more income

The much rebroadcast that E series product has puts service and help of user perception function to broadcast supplier instant to decide the audience watchs the channel of IP TV or video order programme again more, provide valuable information for the supplier. These information are the foundation of advertisement income source. Run Internet group the agreement (IGMP) traffic is translated into detailed program data, such suppliers can collect real time to observe data, these data are right national sex, regional or the ad business of this locality has inestimable value. These ad business are in all the time devote oneself to to go after more reliable index and taller to advertisement effect measurable sex.
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