Satellite of our country much system locates navigation receives a technology to
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The chip of core of receiver of navigation of fixed position of dual system satellite that our country has own intellectual property the first piece -- SR8824 chip was checked and accept through the test a few days ago, in the meantime, the much system satellite that is based on this chip development locates navigation receiver has begun batch production. This is indicating our country is much navigation of systematic satellite fixed position receives a technology to gain revolutionary headway, mastered the core technology that has strategic sense.

The family of star of couplet of Beijing of unit of research and development that seizes SR8824 chip connects microelectronics technology limited company to concern researcher introduction, receive a technology at the GPS of only system relatively, much system receiver is having the advantage of clearly, but more apply Yu Hai, land, empty traffic to carry widely, wired with wireless communication, and of fire of forest of investigation of geological exploration, resource, environmental protection, geological calamity come to help, medical treatment emergency treatment, maritime rescue, each domain such as mapping of the large construction project such as dam bridge, earth.

Current, global satellite locates navigation system builds an aspect, besides the GLONASS system of American GPS and Russia, the European Union also is building Galileo (navigation system of GALILIEO) satellite location, the system of navigation of global satellite fixed position that Japan and India also plan to build his in research and development. Not long ago, our country launched the 5th successfully also " the Big Dipper " navigation test satellite. (Responsibility edits: Congratulate morning flute)