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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on May 16 message, balefire network faced operation business broadband to receive the application that bureau of the end in the net gathers together and garden area gathers together recently, rolled out M8228 of platform of much professional work of net of telegraphic class aether, passed the test of type selecting of invite public bidding that the net opened headquarters 2007, be about to throw business to use. Of this product roll out, fill the company gathers together in garden area the blank of the product. So far, subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy already can offer balefire net to gather together in the light of upright bureau, garden area gathers together, the whole set product that the user accepts platform of much professional work of net of aether of 3 levels telecommunication and solution, all-around satisfaction the market and client are different the demand of the level.

Much professional work of net of aether of M8228 telegraphic class in group platform is one of members of M8000 series equipment, its basically locate at be the client is offerred agile modular garden area gathers together group of net application. The interface before this products plan is used inserts the framework of calorie of type, can offer port of interface of modular net of 24 10/100M aether and net of 4 10/100/1000M aether. Business interface is used entirely modular design, design of interface of 10/100M aether net inserts groove for 3, can use 8 port hundred light receives cut to get stuck or hundred report receives 8 port cut gets stuck. Deploy interface of net of aether of a 10/100/1000M to insert groove, can use 4 port 10/100/1000M to get used to report to receive oneself cut gets stuck or thousand light receives 4 port cut gets stuck.

Solution of balefire network CESP can be based on MSR to offer net of distributed aether annulus to protect in the patulous agreement on aether net. Relative to at agreement of net of other aether annulus character, its are main the annulus road with advantage distributed now body controls a mechanism, can configure implementation neatly thereby laden and balanced, raise utilization rate of annulus road bandwidth; In the meantime, CESP series product also can be based on R-Link to provide the double attributive application of star network; But foundation of the star with existing make the best use of network, the professional work that provides Gao Ke to lean is received and gather together. Have agile agile SVLAN to handle a function, shed operation of executive VLAN label to what differ according to different need. Agile SVLAN receives the deploy into the net in the broadband, assured effectively to show the agile user fixed position in the net and business billabong; Be based on every user every business every VLAN (PUPSPV) deploy, make much professional work integrated bear the weight of become reality. The product provides powerful QoS safeguard, the deepness that carries pair of transmit message is analysed, business of label of ground of OK and dynamic intelligence flows, the business control that is sequel thereby and QoS attemper the operation lays next foundations; In bear the weight of the QoS mark in business message has the ground in the network discriminating attempers processing, mix through a variety of QoS algorithm attemper politic, include RED and WRED to wait discard algorithmic, a variety of alignment such as WFQ and PQ attemper politic, offer different bandwidth to assure for different business. Provide the support that emulates business to TDM at the same time, business of compatible and traditional TDM, those who provide the professional work such as speech of E1, 64k pass fully, can provide perfect QoS safeguard to TDM business, drive business of traditional and telegraphic operation thereby to change network transition in group. Support government of aether net OAM, the mechanism of aether net OAM that is based on ITU-T Y.1731 provides measure of the breakdown of telegraphic class and property government, equipment Plug and Play, need not complex configuration, facilitate quick disposition.
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