Sai Wenkai: 210 years network transmission discharge will is 10 times more curre
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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on May 15 message, love Sai Wenkai of CEO establishing a letter to expressed recently, in the whole world the development of communication industry is entered epochal hind, the powerful competition ability that loves to establish a letter will be shown again.

According to foreign media coverage, sai Wenkai says: "As the development of high speed shift and technology of firm network broadband, the communication means of people also is transforming quickly. Come finally 2010, the transmission discharge of firm network and mobile network will achieve 10 times present. At the appointed time multimedia domain also will enter a new development period. "

Sai Wenkai says at the same time, epochal open brought a challenge at the same time to operation business and agency. Will tell to agency, the client's demand will become crucial, reach the get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh that multimedia serves as triple service at the same time, the science and technology that agency place has will decide their destiny. In addition, as a result of shirt-sleeve need, at the appointed time the complexity of the network also can rise, will different system undertakes shirt-sleeve technology will become crucial. (C002)