See real case entrant learn " prevent cheat action law "
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In August end, at the beginning of September, it is undergraduates the time that return to school after the vacation and entrant report for duty to the school. As a result of now singleton female the principal part that already made an undergraduate, those who get father and mother is attentive caress the care with the teacher, life experience is mostly reach the school from the school, to the society complex those who know is very little. Once leave parents and teacher, when beginning to face the society with complex diverse and confused independently, often lack necessary attention and vigilance to all sorts of safe problems of likelihood happening, created an opportunity that can be exploited to sbs advantage to illegal criminal.

Below, we arrange a few undergraduates from inside real case especially entrant leaves home go to school should know be on guard action law, the hope provides a few helps for students.

Be on guard

Individual information not outside discharge

Case: Already was big the Xiaojin of 2 students, it is rural student. When reporting for duty to the university, he ever was encountered cross such fraud --

Go to school in road, he receives a short message, say " communication company will undertake to your mobile phone circuit detects now, ask you to shut a mobile phone temporarily 3 hours. " he believes, close machine 3 hours. Meantime, small Jin Jiali receives an urgent telephone call, the other side professes is steward, say Xiaojin got acute disease, be badly in need of the money of the operation. Small Jin Jiaren calls to also be illogical to Xiaojin, anxious extremely, not differentiate true and false, be obliged remittance. The following day, the son calls the newspaper is restful, just know to be decieved.

Carry this matter, xiaojin teachs profundity a lesson: On the train, he mixes " fellow-townsman " talk very joyous, contact for a long time to facilitate even, the phone of native place also told each other. And the other side is cheater however, carry out the fraud above.

Remind: The undergraduate goes to school by train or go out when travel, not will the detailed circumstance of oneself or family tells stranger. Additional, the undergraduate also can send word to parents and relatives and friends ahead of schedule, be in receive a student to be terminally ill or the information such as contingency " requirement remittance " when, answer to get in touch with the school with him student first, processing goes again after verifying a condition.
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