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Industrial and commercial bureau 12315 disclosed 10 big spending of Guangzhou " trap " , announced a businessman the idiomatic gimmick intrigue that revulsive consumer is deceived, remind one by one, in case consumer covet petty gain is dropped " trap " the loss outweights the gain.

1, large award is collected in mobile phone short message money buys spacing

Intrigue: Send mobile phone short message to consumer, in saying consumer is in the lottery activity of some company the costly commodity award such as mobile phone, computer, the person that ask win a prize in a lottery pays the fee such as gold of support value of postage, valuable beforehand. "Win a prize in a lottery person " after sending remit money, the mobile phone date of the other side became spacing.

Case: Miss Li receives a short message to say she became medium computer of a notebook, to receive award, award was not received all the time after Miss Li collects 258 yuan of money to the bank Zhang date of some company by clew. The mobile phone that contacts with him so also became spacing, she inquires to door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry ability discovers this company exists far from later.

Remind: Short message of this kind of win a prize in a lottery is false, the key that its succeed time and again was to capture the rich colour psychology of people to undertake bilk, and these companies not registration book, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is very difficult also monitoring.

2, screen mobile phone gets mail-order prize old phone

Intrigue: A few businessmen carry ad of low mobile phone, portable computer in nonlocal newspapers and periodicals, consumer of the place that entice is bought with mail-order means. The kinds or types of goods that gets after consumer remit money often is goods incorrect board, do not close to arrive at all even.

Case: Want to change Miss Huang of mobile phone of stage color screen all the time, after seeing some signs up for the advertisement of low mobile phone that go up, collected 780 yuan of RMBs to buy the mobile phone of screen of a color that mentions in advertisement, but those who receive is an old phone however.

Remind: Buy commodity venture through mail-order means very big, it is the engaging the load after customer pays first, let illegal element take advantage; 2 be there is flaw on mail-order management, corresponding legal laws and regulations is diseased, the method that service superintends and means still remain perfect. Accordingly, means of consumer preference mail-order wants a look before you leap.

3, mistake short message is buckled freely money lets you the dream wakes

Intrigue: The website passes chaos of business of operation of mobile phone network to receive mobile phone short message to expend, lest expend,be bait mostly, but do not show free time, it is OK to let consumer think by accident long-term and free, drop into in succession thereby " free short message " trap.
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