Legerdemain of 5 old mobile phones and prevent cheat countermeasure
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Gain ground increasingly as what the mobile phone uses, the method also caused all sorts of bunco about the mobile phone to come out, many mobile phone users are deceived for this. For this, times reporter specially arranges methods of 5 kinds of common mobile phone bunco in daily life, I wish similar bunco measure is encountered after consumer and can seasonable get behind, avoid to be deceived thereby.

Legerdemain one family member has an accident want first aid

Case one

When the car on Miss Li, the mobile phone is stolen carelessly. After returning abode, her father incoming message tells her, one her " colleague " call say its produce traffic accident to be in the hospital emergency treatment, the bank account remit money that should appoint toward in the home 30 thousand yuan. Fortunately, the father of Miss Li hits the company that Miss Li goes to work to undertake affirming first, just not was decieved.

Case 2

Mr Zhang registers a building on the net after rental information, receive incoming message of a lady the following day, professing is the phone of personnel of mobile company service, say now mobile phone " circuit needs to detect " , ask Mr Zhang to shut a mobile phone 3 hours temporarily. It is inside these 3 hours, the telephone call was received in the home of Mr Zhang, claim Mr Zhang encounters traffic accident, need remittance 20 thousand yuan.

Prevent cheat countermeasure

Should give telephone call of a few connection takes more in the home, wait like company phone, do not use in mobile phone telephone directory " father " , " wife " wait for family name; After the mobile phone is missing, want to report family and friend in time; The word of not credulous other puts out a mobile phone, should not leave the phone in the home easily more; The family member is in after receiving stranger incoming telegram to say the family member has an accident, want keep one's hair on and affirm. Special remind, as similar as this still generation of hair short message charges a cost, the number that encounters a friend sends a short message to want to charge a cost, want to call to affirm personally.

2 short messages nod legerdemain song road unripe incoming telegram

Case one
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