The undergraduate works prevent cheat entire handbook
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Winter vacation should come immediately, this annual moment is the height that the undergraduate does a part-time job, investigation shows, undergraduate pluralist is occupied about 26% , and not the of 82% person in pluralist shows, want the job to suit to be willing to do only. The undergraduate does a part-time job to be able to exercise his on one hand, can make some of living cost again on the other hand, so holiday part-time job is the undergraduate's ineluctability temptation.

However, annual this moment, have many outlaw, design each trap, cheat those guarding against technically the undergraduate with defective consciousness. Since a many week, the reporter received the clew that 45 undergraduates holiday applies for a job to be cheated, this has to make a person afraid. The reporter covered concerned branch personnel, the undergraduates that work to holiday are carried wake.

The reporter seeks advice from relevant labor to ensure sectional clerk, complain according to what the reporter receives, arrange a few deceitful trick that Ceng Fasheng spends, the undergraduate that does a part-time job to holiday is carried wake, when seeking a part-time job, must polish double eye.

Summer vacation time is long, hire information is alluring undergraduate

The reporter comes to Zheng Daxin campus, the advertisement before dining-room is exhibited board on, stick full of all kinds hire information. Many transient students, stop watch a little while, seek the job that suits oneself to work.

Inside news column, most information is cosmetic of holiday invite applications for a job, electric equipment kind bagman, the handbill member, and the family education teacher that teachs English, maths waits.

Law fastens Xiaozhao to hold two or more posts concurrently all the time the member that do the handbill, one day can make 15 yuan of money, the handbill that sends out everyday not less than 400.

"The job is very tired, bask in below the sun everyday " , xiaozhao laughs, because the condition in the home is bad, he wants idea to make some of living cost, at ordinary times besides the opportunity of part-work and part-study system in the school, he often still is used send out on Sunday the handbill. Be as long as the holiday of two months, small Zhao Shui should stay in the school, continue to send out the handbill earns money.
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