ATM cheats action encyclopedia
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Cheat action 1: ATM machine takes a paragraph to take out counterfeit money.

Tear open action: When ATM machine takes a money, once discover the money that takes out on ATM machine is discrepant, should pile up money order those who aim ATM plane upper part to photograph let its photograph like the head come down, so that show out of this piece of money this ATM machine. Hold this money to arrive next bargaining of bar of postal service hall. If not have if really, should decisive call the police.

Cheat action 2: Cheater copies the caution card of the bank, make " warning " the announcement is stuck on ATM machine, ask the person that hold card is operated by the announcement. Once be operated, oneself block the money in to turn in the card of cheater.

Tear open action: ATM machine takes a paragraph to encounter have " inform " kind announcement, it is clear to want to ask to bar of bank postal service hall surely before the operation.

Cheat action 3: When ATM machine takes a paragraph to input a password, cheater peeps at the back of you your password. Once peep,succeed, urge your movement wants quickly, come round to help you operate. After operating, ATM opportunity gives trouble instead, call you to go then place to go of bar of postal service hall manages. Go in you bar when, ATM machine already returned to normal, cheater exits your bank card to take away, use peeping password and the bank card that take secretly to take a money to other ATM machine next.

Tear open action: When 1.ATM machine takes a money, there are nobody to peep on the side of the attention. When be defeated by a password, want to be obstructed surely, be peeped in case.

2. When you are helped operate before be like somebody, answer to warn him to be not stood by in a stern voice.

3. ATM machine has breakdown bank card to retreat when coming out, answer to wait for a bit, see ATM function deny return to normal.

4. Once disclosure bank gets stuck to be taken away, answer to inform bar of bank postal service hall immediately, adopt measure processing.

Cheat action 4: When machine of TM of 贏 of cough of brighting raw meat or fish takes an operation, cheater throws a piece of money intentionally to go up, say to taking paragraph person whether that is his money next. Taking paragraph person attention dispersedly while, the cheater partner that stands by person extraction a money blocks another piece of ready bank quickly put on ATM machine port, when when person extraction a money has answered a god to come, think the bank gets stuck to already was retreated, took card to go. Cheater still keeps in the bank card on ATM machine to undertake a password revise immediately, take out card to take a money to other ATM machine next.
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