Communication software becomes crook when new tool MSN QQ explodes bilk is wet
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2005 during the National Day, countrywide each district erupts bilk of short message of large-scale bank card, the victim cans be found everywhere. When in short message bilk rumour did not fall, IM (instant communication) the new target that the person that software is used becomes bilk malfeasant again. According to reporter understanding, the user of all sorts of IM software became the country that includes pig of MSN, QQ, small bee, network to wait inside bilk target.

The promotion of ability of nobbler webpage design, process designing, market, research to domestic IM software special major. Jiang Min of be among the best of candidates of poisonous pop chart of 2005 10 a serious illness also is IM virus. IM tool has exceeded a mobile phone, become what information of virus, deceit has minatory sex most to circulate means, and deficient of measure of official seal model also makes this problem more serious.

User of tool of latter and certain IM is mirrorred, when logging onto some IM classics regular meeting receives information of bear the palm, these information are mostly " the mobile phone that obtains value not to poor wait " , consumer must be collected to specific account like essentials award alleged " duty or poundage " . Ministry of customer service of business of small bee operation also expresses to already many user is informed against, when chatting with small bee, get sham systematic short message suddenly, call an user the win a prize in a lottery in the lottery activity in the end of the year. Lin Xiaowen of manager of market of region of Websense big China thinks, this kind is a model is con, this kind of fraudulent means still includes prevail on victim to click the accessory that contains virus or the webpage exceeds a link. These exceed a link to use a program through uploading Xiaoying, make all of computer science department of the person that visit is affected to go up by baleful software virus, perhaps be gotten on by installation needless software.

The personage expresses related ministry of sina public relations, at present sina has learned this matter, had undertaken banning to false 51UC.

Chief of search brand department introduces in, search rises to detect from user feedback and system from 12 days in two channel discovered this one circumstance, also took technical screen, report a case to the security authorities wait for a method. "We had reported a case to the security authorities, be in page, stick issued statement with information system, remind user attention. " this chief says, at present the user of network pig also has the message that be decieved to be passed, search firm will do his best in the loss that helps door of the Ministry of Public Security redeem an user.
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