Teach you how to be cheated " cheater "
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All the time very depressed, always had not gotten the short message of cheater, so that always feel to suffer discriminate against

Today, got short message of a cheater eventually, still be nowadays the most popular fraud that pretends to be bank diddle to block bugle call, full text is as follows: Industrial and commercial bank informs: Card of expensive user peony is shopping at Woerma bazaar brushs card to consume 4850 yuan. This amount will be deducted from your account. If doubt dials please: Ministry of 51518332 calories of Wu. Information is sent from 13942746172

Look at this short message, my as if one find out treasure, excited ah eventually by me when. Then, arrange the mood, stabilize a mood, begin to dial a telephone 51518332.

The phone was connected, I do not talk intentionally, wait for the other side to start to talk first. As expected, the phone transmits pitch of a Fujian that, claim industrial and commercial bank blocks Wu ministry to serve for me as decently as the model (this kind of fraud comes from Fujian recently be in the majority, the heart is medium chuckle to oneself)

I: "Didn't you groom through mandarin with respect to mount guard? "

Apparent the other side does not have expect I can come so single-handed, come over without report temporarily.

I ask again: "Your this anyhow also is the service phone of industrial and commercial bank, do not have a course so mandarin grooms with respect to mount guard

The other side is incoherent: "Our boss says need not... "

I interrupt: "Your boss? Are you industrial and commercial bank? Still have a boss so? "

The other side became random condition: "Either, our company... "

I continue to interrupt: "Company? How to change again company? "

The other side: "... "

I continue: "You start to talk with respect to let the cat out of the bag, a dialect, where to resemble customer service telephone? I most be fed up with you cheat of this kind of short message, cheated, content of a bit technology is done not have... "

The other side breaks down thoroughly, the hang up of too impatient to wait my phone, do I am very very much promote.

Take a phone to be hit again, be busy unexpectedly

Satisfy a craving! Be free to compare dull TX to be able to be hit again make that telephone call, what to have more interesting than making fun of cheater
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