New deceitful trick: Serial decoy cheats a cash inside citizen credit card
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Recently, harbin city appears the staff member that pretends to be bazaar and public security policeman, create serial trap, the new deceitful trick of the gold inside diddle citizen credit card, more than yuan of 20 thousand deposit inside one citizen credit card is cheated. Harbin police reminds broad citizen to increase be on guard consciousness.

On August 10, 2007, zhang Mou reports a case to the security authorities via detect detachment to Harbin city public security bureau, say more than yuan of 20 thousand deposit inside its credit card is cheated.

As we have learned, on August 8 afternoon 2 when make, zhang Mou gets a short message, say she was in Harbin city on August 7 some bazaar brushs card to consume 5800 yuan, the ready money inside card will be deducted in settle accounts day, keep inquiry telephone number. Zhang Mou was not consumed on August 7, make the telephone number inquiry that this short message offers then.

The other side professes is bazaar " silver-colored couplet blocks a ministry " , say Zhang Mou credit card was used probably by the criminal, suggest she dials her to offer instantly " division of banking of Harbin city public security bureau calls the police phone " .

Professing is " policeman of division of banking of Harbin city public security bureau " the telephone call that the person received Zhang Mou. "Policeman " after understanding a situation, let Zhang Mou look for one each to move an ATM instantly, by its the instruction undertakes installing to credit card, say such ability assure the safety of the capital inside credit card.

According to " policeman " after clew is operated, zhang Mou checked the remaining sum inside credit card, discover more than yuan of 20 thousand deposit already disappeared without trace, this ability discovery was duped.

As we have learned, at present Harbin police already put on record is investigated.

Be aimed at method of this kind of new-style bilk, harbin police gives out urgent early-warning, remind broad credit card the user raises vigilance, enhance ego to defend consciousness, if get similar short message, discriminate the authentic degree of information carefully certainly, must not credulous. In the meantime, call the police want public security mechanism or department of its classics detect, call the police the phone can inquire 114 or enquire to public security mechanism.
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