Use " oppose bilk strategy " nick new deceitful trick
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Bilk case is in drop 50% hind rebound, "The near future still has illegal element to send credit card to be brushed to block consumptive short message to undertake bilk with public security bureau or bank name. After asking a citizen to receive this kind of information do not credulous and to 110 call the police " , begin from last week, police adopts the platform of mobile phone short message of mobile company, sent such 1 million clew short messages to the user.

Police is about to begin new round " oppose bilk strategy " . This year on January 8, the unit such as police and our newspaper and mobile company is rolled out jointly " oppose bilk strategy " after disc is given greatly, case of the bilk inside whole town limits sends record volume to drop considerably. According to statistic, sent January case 92, with photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year fall more than 50% . But, the Spring Festival returns Xiamen to apply for a job as a large number of foreign staff afterwards, bilk case presents the trend that breaks out suddenly, especially short message bilk. Only since Feburary, police already received short message bilk many cases 150 to report a case to the security authorities, among them this city dweller is cheated to be duped have 60 many cases, experience record amount 10 thousand yuan about a hundred.

◆ appears more terrible short message legerdemain

Present legerdemain has beguiling sex more, although still claim to be decieved object " the consumption that brush card is recorded " , remind the person that hold card to police some Technical Division seeks advice actively however, of course this one phone still is turned there cheater. It is a name with win a prize in a lottery inviting the technique that swallow the bait is not new, but the reporter is accident however yesterday experience a kind of new way. It is to have a new telephone get through first the reporter's mobile phone, subsequently very fast hang up, should answer the meeting when dialing this number to hear telephone call of a paragraph of recording, in saying your mobile phone number is when lottery 50 thousand yuan of large award, the mobile phone number that provided another 133 begin lets you contact. Policeman of detachment of the detect that occupy punishment says, this is this year a kind of appears often legerdemain after the Spring Festival, when that telephone that offers to the other side when you in fact seeks advice, the other side can tell you to must hand in brushstroke first " duty is expended " , but can let you provide number of Zhang of a bank at the same time, say to be able to infiltrate bonus first inside your card, after waiting for you to check, collect again " duty is expended " . Right now, the fool can hold the other side such as the state of mind that have a try in the arms to collect money to come commonly, after 50 thousand yuan are stocked as expected inside the Zhang number that discovers his, the requirement remit that also puts a person's mind to press cheater " duty is expended " . Should suffer those who cheat person remit " duty is expended " arrive after Zhang, cheater can recall immediately payee, will 50 thousand yuan " bonus " call in. So, can you take 50 thousand yuan when the other side sends first? After silver-colored guild regulations decides the payee with larger number to must be in 24 hours, ability is taken out, because this fool takes a huge sum of money that is less than cheater to send, and what him remit goes is small " duty is expended " can no more call in however.
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