To apply for a job is passed carefully sell trap expert appeal to publish act
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At present is fastigium of to apply for a job of graduate of old technical secondary school, a few pass annul organize and pass the psychology that sells personnel to use an undergraduate to be eager to applying for a job, graduate of old technical secondary school is enticed to be duped for the name with high pay invite applications for a job on the net, a few to apply for a job person be decieved because of understanding a situation. Concerned expert reminds, undergraduate to apply for a job should take care " pass sell catch " !

Talk about love, court director is passed sell a form more concealment

Everything results from before large half an year that " love " : Encounter accidentally, a girl that comes from south ases if the Xiaozhang that to be in Beijing a college reads falls in love at first sight. After two people each other takes mobile phone number, begin to be as long as the short message of half an year expresses feeling.

When small Zhang Kuai graduates, the woman tells him: "We arrive after graduation here come, my elder brother opened a firm, cast 40 thousand yuan to become a shareholder to the company, can share out bonus to the end of the year; Come to a company go to work every months to still can make 6000 yuan of money! "

Cherish pair of sweet love and the longing that happiness lives, xiaozhang is taking 40 thousand yuan of money of family scrape together, alone south below.

But give in money when him after going, the girl in the heart is seeing hard also, the person in the company begins to be told with him how to develop get offline, if where a few years short accumulate home of 1 million bodies quickly... such, small Zhang La was entered " pass sell catch " in.

Nowadays, a few pass annul when the organization is attracting someone else to join, meeting " wear case " all sorts of " appearance " , or make use of talks about love, or personnel of invite applications for a job of make use of, form and past photograph are compared more concealment, next complementary it is bait with high pay or tall redound. Ever fell via be decieved " pass sell catch " college graduate Li Yunlong (alias) , encounter is " the invite applications for a job on the net " bitter experience.

When just when the college graduate Li Yunlong of some college is in Xinjiang,applying for a job everywhere, a day of July 2006, he sees suddenly on the net, the business that a management food of Shandong processes needs invite applications for a job manager of a sale. The respect such as the record of formal schooling of the person that correspondence of unit of this invite applications for a job is hired, experience did not raise a requirement, ask to have diploma of above of three-year institution of higher learning only, and offerred treatment is every month 8000 yuan.
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