Choose beautiful black backstage to brush ticket industry chain
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Before dawn at 1 o'clock, liu is fat the task still awaits before spirit crouchs hale and heartily in computer, in the life, he is that is called by everybody because of bodily form feature the boy with fat Liu, and in the network, he was changed a string of symbol -- OK1234 (the number in this symbol is fiction) .

OK1234 is the work number with fat Liu, he gives of every description with this number " anthology beautiful " in the activity " the person that buy a ticket " brush a ticket, the cant in this circle cries " do the job " . Of course, liu is fat did not care oneself to who send the bill, he cares to cast one ticket to be able to get money still is two minutes one minute only. "They for reputation, we for money, each takes what he needs. " this Heibei boy of 23 years old, there is a secure job up to now after the university graduates, before a month, the network brushs a ticket (the player that centers a large number of ID to be chosen to equipment is voting) the formal profession that became him.

Company of player, broker: Buy a ticket to become famous

"30 thousand yuan enter the throughout the country 20 strong, 200 thousand yuan enter the throughout the country 10 strong, 3 million yuan pound champion. " Zhang Hai (alias) have a short message to brush ticket company, he is calculated adroitly to the client move choosing show becomes famous the price that need pays, this is to was run last year " super female voice " the money that the short message brushs ticket place to want a flower.

Choose excellent program to enter a climax gradually as each TV station, zhang Hai can receive the inquiry telephone call that comes from countrywide each district. "Of the player get a bill 99% we are cast, what come from an audience truly now is voting and basic for 0. " look in him Zhang Hai, he is nowadays starlight is dazzling " careless root stars " founder, he is nowadays fry fervently choose excellent program " hero of behind the curtain " . Accordingly, he was hit on the website of the company " star dream factory " propagandist catchword. "Last year July exceed female, we sent 400 thousand bill to a player. " the chief neat exert that a short message of Beijing brushs ticket company says.

"Take part in the match the player brushed a ticket to had become open secret. " a short message brushs Shenyang the chief Ceng Jiang of ticket company (alias) express, the word that uses him is told, the full name besides the client is confidential outside, the other regulation of this circle already very transparent. Ceng Jiang to 400 thousand ticket this decimal eye is sniff very: "Joking, we give super- female it is about a hundred of 10 thousand cast. In the center of last year 3 10 old newlywed person are chosen, we became two players, also be 8889 tickets. "
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