Common setting is on guard the bank blocks hole
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"You produce brushstroke at using credit card of industrial and commercial bank 6 years on October 10 5860 yuan trade, inquire a phone 8888887... " , after the exposure of a lot of legerdemain that blocks bilk in the bank, authority is fundamental receive such short message to regard as laughingstock. But besides these inferior legerdemain, you encounter the bank that is aware of hard blocks an accident possibly still, than a few common setting of such language account, our everybody can kiss all previous just a little at least, do not pay no attention to! So, let an expert explain an old problem above all: Does the bank block safety after all?


The person that reporter course is informed against gives directions, stick in Baidu in input " the bank gets stuck " 3 words, occurrence search makes a person shocking as a result, be full of the technology of silver of net of conduction bank card, purloin everywhere, it is the card that sells production bank to block equipment even, stay OICQ contacts means.

The reporter is faceless the OICQ that is mixed in the person composition that by larcenous net silver the ace, expert that wash money and malicious ground search an expert this group in 10 days, a few hair are existing and so-called the netizen of the staff member that is XX bank comes in and go out. They or detailed or the working character that faintly introduces him and place bank, the hope is in this group in find a partner. Often be two people after talking so that see eye to eye, with respect to each other addition each other are OICQ good friend, detail of alone communication collaboration went.

These professing is the netizen of bank clerk, the working unit that signs up for oneself almost include current a few big banks. If they are true, then they obtain the Zhang date of the user, Id and password more easily than average criminal, how many does the remaining sum on more clear account have, which ability is a target, do guilty activity more easily leakproofly. This is not fathomless also, the staff member that why has a bank every time joins this groups, get warm reception of everybody.

When the reporter sees these, besides want to look outside tightening a few pieces of banks in him purse to get stuck, do not make him want.

News source: Network of Chinese Jiangxi news

" money classics " : Carry this case, can see do silver of net of bogus card, purloin at present the criminality such as the data is quite rampant, common people feels more and more insecure it seems that when using these electrons to pay a means.
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