A short message cheats 74000 yuan
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Because of short message of a mobile phone, mr Li is cheated 74000 yuan. This morning, mr Li told about the experience that he is deceived to reporter of party newspaper hot line.

Mr Li tells a reporter, he got a short message that professes to come from branch of Jinan of Chinese people bank a few days ago, remind him to say in people bazaar shopping consumption overdraws, need to fill make money, stayed to connect a telephone call. The phone that leaves according to the other side seeks advice, the other side confirms he has been consumed in people bazaar really. Say when Mr Li he was not when people bazaar consumption, the other side says his individual data may be divulged again, suggest he is dialed " classics alarm phone " report a case to the security authorities, provided telephone number. One " classics alarm " the connection telephone call that tells people bank management center again, hit the past according to this number, may bank interior shows the individual data that the other side says Mr Li fully, cannot contact with the bank, to avoid bigger loss, can take paragraph chance automatically near card of aspirant travel bank upgrades protection. Mr Li presses the phone clew of the other side, input card number, password, turn Zhang, whole unit process of cargo bandling lasted half many hour. After the operation is over, mr Li feels the thing has some of odd, dial 110 check classics alarm phone, 110 say to do not have such phone at all, check to the bank, on card 74000 yuan are done not have completely.

It is reported, gain ground as what brush calorie of consumption, bank card overdraws fraud is added gradually much, police often also is received similar inform against. Party newspaper hot line reminds a reader here, should rise prevent cheat consciousness, do not want credulous and new incoming message or short message, lest be deceived.