The 4 big deceitful trick with the most popular exposure
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The word of complier: Though prevent the topic that cheating is platitude, but omnipresent cheater and they renovate ceaselessly " cheat ability " , still be impossible to defend effectively letting a person. With cheater " psywar " how should hit after all, ability is accomplished " evil spirit is high one feet, is the road high one a unit of length " ? The experts that study guilty psychology technically will polish for you double eye.

Mention cheater, people can rise vigilance instinctively, cover close pocket. But did not write on the face of cheater, contrary, of be sanctimonious they are returned can very the credit that obtains people easily. As the change of the times, the legerdemain of cheater also is in ceaseless face-lifting, besides common in the past street bunco, added the shift such as phone bilk, network bilk again.

On October 10, beijing public security bureau releases early-warning information to say, "Although case of bilk of our city short message happens 4 cases only during the golden week, but 10, 20 days between, short message bilk will enter a case to be sent high period. " Zhou Huibo of professor of college of people of guilty psychology expert, China introduced the legerdemain with a few kinds of common nowadays for everybody:

Legerdemain one: Street bunco

This kind of cheater often the activity is in stream of people the place such as the downtown with bigger, concentrated population, bazaar, railway station, dock, they can be close to the pedestrian of pass by actively. The commonnest is to be in street is mendicant, cause of formation of disguise oneself as is poor and the student that does not have money to go to school, foreigner that lose debt and cannot come home, woman that plays you to help family try on the dress, when it is difficult to perhaps be come up against when you, the enthusiastic person that pretends to help you waits, formal diversity, have a bit can swallow the bait carelessly.

Legerdemain 2: Come bunco

Their target sex is very strong, constant in order to promote the product, status that maintains home appliance bunco of active call at sb's house, they can market a product to householder and become aggravated the ground is further " flicker " you accept other service, benefit loves to have an insatiable desire for with people petty gain, right understanding of some kind of thing comes not greatly bunco. For instance, although some type product is free service, but its operating period is finite, had better be to buy other supplementary product then, let you one defect goes in hard extricate oneself; Or is considerate all the more, pay fee or affable ground is assumed for you is other service; It is moreover with " content " check, mortgage the accredit of person, content, certificate with acquiring each other, or the colleague that professing is the someone in the home, fellow villager, good friend comes diddle the other side is trustful.
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